Background Knockout

AI-powered green and blue screen removal service
for your volume photography business

See It Work

Precise background removal around hair.

The algorithm detects the tiniest details of the fluffy hair, and leaves them where they belong, carefully shaving off the background underneath.

Semi-transparent details handled carefully.

To save hours of operators’ delicate handiwork, we’ve automated the trickiest task of removing the background color showing through the object.

Easy handling of closed spaces.

No more limitations for models’ clothing! Let your clients express themselves by wearing any shade of green or blue, we’ll make sure they still stand out against the backdrop.

Accurate detection of details of the same color as the background.

Computer vision behind Background Knockout is trained not to scratch the surface, but to dig deep, finely identifying the areas to be removed within closed-circuit objects, thus ensuring the photographers’ freedom to play with composition and the models’ postures.

Why People Choose Background Knockout

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“We’ve been using exclusively for our green screen extraction for 2 years and blue screen extraction for 1 year. The things that are most important to us are clear communication of how the images need to be photographed, fast, reliable turn-around time, and natural looking high quality green and blue screen knockout. delivers!”

David Drum, H&H Color Lab


“Although I haven’t been exclusively using for green screen extraction, they certainly helped me out of a pinch this busy Fall season. The quality of the knockouts, turnaround time, service and support I received from the team has been exceptional and has certainly exceeded my expectations by a landslide is the premier choice for green (and blue) screen extraction for quality knockouts at an affordable price.”

Savanna Noska, Full Color, Inc.


“ has helped us to be more competitive and efficient as a business. They have figured out what photographers need in a professional cutout. The detail retained in hair and edges is second to none with a price that can’t be beat. They also have terrific turnaround times for the fast pace of a growing industry.”

Wes Hutchcraft, Iconik Studio

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